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O u r   S t o r y :

For the past 10 years, the practice of using HR data and analytics to solve business problems has continued to gain momentum within organizations of every size. The introduction of new technology has simplified systems and provided HR & Finance professionals with the ability to analyze their workforce data. However, these advancements alone do not guarantee success. The people, processes, and technology must align to ensure insightful analyzes and drive valuable impacts.

O u r   V a l u e :

Piper Key has deep expertise in analyzing an organization’s operations. Our unique ability to understand the current state, design a future vision, and execute to plan sets us apart from other firms. We use time-tested methodologies and tools that are proven to drive returns along every aspect of the value chain. 

A   N o t e   o n   E t h i c s :

The sensitivity surrounding HR data is a growing concern for both companies and employees. Workers want to know that companies are using the data responsibly. If done correctly, employees build trust in the enterprise. This enhances the employee experience and builds a culture that inspires people to do their best work. Piper Key takes every precaution to ensure data is used appropriately and kept confidential when necessary. The ethical use of data is paramount to our success, and Piper Key strives to communicate this to all stakeholders on every engagement.

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Dan George

Founder & CEO

Dan George is an award-winning HR, People Analytics, & Strategic Workforce Planning professional with over 15 years of experience helping both Fortune 100 businesses and growing mid-stage startups better manage their workforce. With global expertise spanning many industries, Dan’s unique skill set uses components of data science, process transformation, and storytelling to unite leaders and develop executable strategies that drive competitive advantage.

Dan began his career in Human Capital consulting at Accenture, where he spent nearly seven years integrating systems to create innovative solutions. Following his MBA, Dan built and led Bridgestone’s people analytics practice, designing and growing the team from concept to reality. Most recently, Dan is Founder & CEO of Piper Key, a data and analytics consulting firm focused on delivering services to HR and Finance teams. 


Within the community, Dan is Chair of the Nashville Technology Council’s Analytics Summit, leading the planning team of the annual 1,000+ person conference in September. Additionally, Dan is globally recognized as a key member of the People Analytics and Workforce Planning community in which he regularly writes, speaks, and hosts discussions on the latest technology and trends. He received both his B.S. in Engineering and MBA from Vanderbilt University, where he can be found mentoring students and lecturing as an Adjunct Professor.